"You guys are the first marketing firm that we've worked with over the past five years that we've not complained and moaned about during the entire process."

— Clark Blackman
Investec Advisory Group

"We couldn't be more pleased."

— Norman M. Boone
Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc.

"Our site brings in new clients and our newsletter delivers ideas valuable to clients. We value API."

— Louis Stanasolovich
Legend Financial Advisors Inc.

"I am very happy with my newsletter. The responses from clients have been very positive. My realtor was mailing newsletters to our neighborhood, so I decided to also send newsletters to the people in my neighborhood. I got one client which paid for the newsletter for the next 5 years."

— Robert J. Pyle
Diversified Asset Management, Inc.

"The best, easiest way to get information out to your clients on the Web. "

— David J. Drucker
Sunset Financial Management

"Sophistication and service is without parallel, setting the standard in this realm."

— John E. Bergland, Jr.
Bergland Capital Management, Inc.

"API offers the best in financial services marketing-light years ahead of its competition."

— Loren B. Kayfetz
Personal Financial Consultants

"We've used API's newsletter for five years. It's the best. We switched to AdvisorSites a year ago and should’ve done it sooner!"

— Gregory Friedman
Friedman & Associates

"Responsive and knowledgeable. API delivers exactly what they promise and more."

— Kurt Brouwer
Brouwer & Janachowski Incorporated

"Since 1998, AdvisorSites has continued to amaze us."

— Sheryl Garrett
Garrett Planning Network, Inc.

"I recommend API without reservation."

— Glenn Kautt
The Monitor Group, Inc.

"Quality articles for our website that our clients love!"

— Ken Schapiro
Condor Capital Management

"We reduced operational costs with API’s newsletter and web service. API is one of our most rewarding professional relationships."

— Tom Connelly
Versant Capital Management, Inc.

"A day after sending my first email newsletter, a client called me about it. He said he had no idea until he received the email that I advised on mutual fund investments. He has since transferred over $365,000 worth of funds to my care!"

— Grant B. Ottenstein
Ottenstein Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

"Prospects and clients often comment on our website. Great job!"

The website and newsletter are the best investments we've ever made in marketing.
— Kevin Timmerman
Steele Capital Management

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