About Email Newsletters
Email Newsletters puts you in control of an email list server, letting you "push" newsletters that we write to your clients and prospects. Plain English translation: This is the most important Internet marketing tool ever developed for independent financial advisors.

With email newsletters, you can lure traffic to your site using email. That's incredibly important, empowering advisors to use email to market and touch clients with useful information about the market and planning strategies.

When you send an email newsletter using email newsletters, your clients receive an email message with the first paragraph of an AdvisorSItes story posted on your site. At the end of the "teaser" paragraph is a link that says "click for more." When your clients click that link, a browser automatically pops open to the page on your site where they can read the complete article.

Email newsletters inserts the banner from your website at the top of the email and sends it to all members of your list. In addition, a link we place on the home page of your site will allow visitors to your site to sign up for your email newsletter automatically. All emails contain an "unsubscribe" button that automatically removes a recipient.

AdvisorSites, which was founded by a financial journalist, is committed to reporting financial news that supports an advisor's message. We cover long-term investing, sophisticated tax strategies, and innovative estate planning, and breaking news. Within days of the September 11 attacks, for instance, we offered 20 articles on advisor websites dealing with the implications of the attacks. The ability to push intelligent articles to clients during a financial crisis or after tax laws are changed is critical, and email newsletters makes that easy.

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Weekly Email Newsletter Updates
Every Friday, we create an update summarizing the market's behavior over the previous week that you can push to your clients. You can send these updates weekly to all your clients and prospects. The weekly updates are included with the email newsletter service.

Each update lists performance figures for major market indices for the week, and contains a link to the stock market data page on your website. We also scour the Web every week to find the most incisive coverage of events that affect the economy and the markets-an unemployment report or legislation to bolster the travel industry, for instance. The update contains a teaser and a link to a report exploring the news item in detail.

Following the September 11 attacks, AdvisorSites provided daily updates through November 2 for advisors who wished to reassure clients that they were monitoring events closely. In normal times, we believe daily updates could undermine an advisor's emphasis on maintaining a long-term perspective. We will, however, resume daily service in the event of another crisis.

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Using Email Newsletter
You can send out a email newsletter whenever you place a new financial planning story on your site. Simply go into the back office of your site and follow step-by-step instructions. You just click on a checkbox next to the title of an article we have written, and your email newsletter is ready to go.

Becoming An Email Newsletter User
Email newsletters are available to all AdvisorSites customers. To get you started, we need a list of the email addresses where you would like to send your Email Newsletters  Updates. We will set up your initial email list with as many as 300 members. You can add additional members any time yourself, up to a total of 1,000. We promise never to rent or sell your email list or use it to solicit your clients. Our annual fee for email newsletters is $500, plus a $300 set-up fee. Prices are subject to change at anytime.

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