Get Great Search Engine Results
Want your website high on those search engine lists? How do you get your firmís ad listed in Google searches? Here are two services to let you pack a one-two punch of Web-marketing techniques: Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click.
With Search Engine Optimization we build key phrases and other search engine flags into your website so that search engines recognize them and help bring your name to the top of the list.
What you get:
  • A review of your website for keywords
  • An Initial Ranking Report
  • New keywords
  • Optimization of your website construction
  • Copywriting to create an optimized Web page
  • Site submission and report
  • Site resubmission and reports every 30 days
  • Ranking Reports for the first two months, then quarterly
With Pay-Per-Click, we consult with you to create a compelling ad for your services, help you identify your firmís key search terms, place a bid on them, and handle all technical tasks involved. When a Web search is conducted using your search terms, your ad appears with links to your site.
What you get:
  • Identification of your target clients
  • Creation of ad groups, like retirement or education investing
  • Ads written to appear as sponsored links on Google
  • Specific, relevant, built-in keywords trigger ads
  • A fixed cost per click to maximize ad exposure
  • Weekly reports for six weeks, then monthly
Using these techniques boosted APIís search engine sales leads. And since so few advisors are using pay-per-click and search engine optimization methods, these services are likely to pay for themselves many times over.

While we cannot guarantee that your site will be in the top 10 of every search in every engine, or that you will get a burst of new prospects the minute you sign up, we will perform the essential tasks that should result in favorable search engine listings.

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